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Quality Pledge 

Organic Ingredients

Natural plant based dyes


Earth & kid friendly

Zero use of synthetic dyes

Clean, simple & safe ingredients 

Biodegradable/recyclable packaging 

Organic Essential Oils - Gently used

Biodegradable Glitters


Why Natural?

When we started developing Land of Dough we found that many children’s products are permeated with an incredible amount of synthetic dyes. Our main question was why when you can use beautiful healthy vegetables and plants to make vibrant colors!

A product that was truly worry free down to the smallest ingredient was on the agenda... Land of Dough was created and our dough was developed into a wholesome beautiful play play dough. 

100% Handmade & Crafted

Our small team mixes, designs, & creates by hand all of our products with our carefully sourced ingredients.

Everything is then carefully wrapped and shipped with recyclable packaging from our location in Raleigh NC.